Specialist Bespoke Garden Rooms

Premier Home Developments specializes in the installation of Superb Quality Garden Rooms in a variety of colors, styles and designs. Everything is custom made and bespoke to your property so two properties are never alike. We endeavour to supply and install quality Garden Rooms at AFFORDABLE prices.

A Premier Home Developments Garden Room is the perfect way to escape from it all and have a little sanctuary to enjoy your space. With full protection from rain and wind, you’ll be able to enjoy it whatever the weather. You can even customise your garden room to suit you – from heaters to sound systems, Premier Home Developments can tailor this space to suit your lifestyle! Whether you want a full view of your garden or something with more privacy, Premier Home Developments can help you achieve your dream garden room.

Uses of a garden room include:

We can design and build a garden office for you to use for your business, giving you peace and quiet away from the main building
We can design and build a guesthouse for you to use for visitors if necessary, giving you comfortable facilities for entertaining.
We can design and build it as extra space for you to use, simply giving you extra space which you might nor otherwise have.
We can design and build it as a garden house for you to use, simply giving you extra space for children or other purposes.
We can design and build it as a home spa or gym for you to use, or as a room for a hot tub or similar facility.
We can design and build it as a functional summerhouse for you to use and take advantage of hot sunny days with ease..
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