Specialist Bespoke Expert Rendering Services

Premier Home Developments specializes in High Quality Expert Rendering Services. We perform domestic rendering services at AFFORDABLE prices.

Premier Home Developments rendering services offer superior performance in weather protection, ease of maintenance and aesthetics thanks to new modern rendering systems. We believe in the quality of the rendering systems that we install and have invested heavily in state of the art equipment and training to offer our customers the maximum benefit of these products and to enable us to advise and inform clients of the best solution for their project.

Benefits of rendering include:

Adding a render coat can really brighten up a shabby looking wall, and it gives the opportunity to give the whole house a facelift. Some properties can have number of brick types, unattractive wear from years of exposure, or just look tired and unattractive. Adding a nice render gives you the opportunity to completely change the look of the property and gives you a smooth uniform finish
Rendering can help deal with water ingress and penetrating damp issues. Some forms of brick, especially in exposed areas, can be liable to damp if exposed over a prolonged period of time. Water gets through the solid brick wall and in to the house, causing a host of problems in the home. Adding a layer of render to the outside wall of the home blocks the path of water in to the property and prevents this form of damp from occurring. This is often the case in older brick properties.
Rendering your property will provide a slight insulating effect of its own, but if you are rendering, it is a good time to consider full external insulation which we can include in our quote. External solid wall insulation is an expensive job, as is rendering, so if you are putting scaffolding up and getting us to render, this is the best time to look at external insulation. We have found that some of our customers actually end up spending less on external insulation with a render finish than they would on rendering alone so they get to see masses of savings on their energy bills.

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